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More Homer Glen Election Stuff March 29, 2007

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It’s getting closer to election time in this great community so I have been spending time looking at all of the candidates for the offices open for election.  I’ve stated before that I will vote for Dale Vogelsanger for Mayor, I am sure that Dale’s opponent, Jim Daley is a fine man as a matter of fact he is held in high esteem in some circles, however, I know Dale and he gets my go ahead. I have decided to cast my vote for Laurel Ward as one of the trustees. I have met Laurel and find her to be a motivated, articulate individual willing to give of her time and has been involved in the camp in several appreciated ways. There are several “Trustee” positions for which I have yet to decide who will get my support. I’m loyal to me friends and both these individuals fit that bill.


Georgie B’s People at Work. March 27, 2007

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Another one of Georgie’s people must have something to hide, why else plead the fifth?  I’ve always read between the lines when someone used that amendment.  Oh sorry I forgot – he and his ilk think we are too stupid to think and come to a logical conclusion.


Federal tax dollars well spent or wasted? March 24, 2007

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I’ve always wondered how and on what the taxes I have paid over the years were and are being spent, that is the dollars other than our giant cash outlay for Georgie B.’s war.  No one has the time and probably does not want to expend the effort to sit down and try to determine whether our taxes are well spent or wasted.

With the internet it’s been made a little easier.  I’ve found a few sites that make it not only easy but someone else is doing the work. Federal Spending.GOV wants us to participate in how we want information given to the public to let us see how our money is spent. was set up by OMB Watch, a non profit government watchdog, all brought to us with the help of The Sunlight Foundation.

So if you really want to know check out these groups – I have and they make sense to me.


Election time in Homer Glen. March 23, 2007

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I have lived in Homer Glen, IL for a year and a half now and love everything about this place.  The fact that the town charter is geared around open space and controlling urban sprawl makes it, in my mind, a great place to live and work.  We have an election coming up in April and I wanted to get involved due to my strong support for “green” anything and have decided that the slate that I will cast my vote for is headed by Dale Vogelsanger, Mayoral candidate.  I first met Dale four years ago when I started my position as Chef for Shady Oaks Camp he has always been helpful and I got to know more about him as the years passed. I consider Dale a good, honest, dependable individual that will be a great person to take Homer Glen into the future.


Heritage vs. Nationality March 22, 2007

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This has been bugging me for a very long time and I’ve always kept it to myself but I must get it out.  Everything you read, hear or see with regard to citizens of the good ole US of A is tagged by Afro-American this or Hispanic-American that or Whatever-American whatever.  All too often we put our heritage before our citizenship – we are after all Americans and we should all be Americans first.  I personally am of mixed heritage and it would be ludicrous to put anything in front  American.  Of course I respect a persons heritage, whether Greek, Italian, Polish, Mexican, African, Jamaican, Chinese, Japanese  must I list them all (?) but it is and has been time to put our heritage behind our nationality.  Be proud of your heritage – be prouder to be an American.


A “new” look! March 20, 2007

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I’ve decided to change the look of my page.  Since I consider myself a green advocate and voter I might as well go all the way green.  Hope you like the look.


Could this work? March 19, 2007

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I’ve stated in previous posts that I am presently leaning toward Barack Obama as my choice for the next President of this good ol’ US of A.  I also stated that I will keep my mind open to new ideas and really get a good handle on any future possibilities.  I stumbled upon a grassroots group, “Unity08”, which seems to make some sense.  Briefly the concept is to put together a slate of candidates regardless of party affiliation that us citizens would put up to America for consideration for office.  I’ve signed up as a founding delegate just to keep up with them to see what transpires.