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ENOUGH! April 26, 2007

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OK, you probably know by now that I have never been a big fan of Georgie B. However, being a guy that tries to give people a chance, I gave Georgie’s “Surge” a chance. Well it failed. General Petrais (sp?) recently stated on the public airwaves that he thinks that Iraq (I’m going to paraphrase here) is an extremely difficult situation and it will take a long and difficult military presence to rectify the situation. LONG AND HARD???? It’s been long enough; it’s been difficult enough. Georgie ‘GET OUR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN OUT OF THERE NOW!’

Those ignorant enough to think the path which we are now committed to must proceed to insure that the terrorists of the world will not come to our land are, well, just plain stupid. Those that repeat Georgie’s diatribe say that if we leave now all hell will break loose. Guess what! All hell is already broken loose; it is a civil war in Iraq NOW! What would happen if we leave? They will most likely have an ongoing civil problem. No matter what we do it will happen. I’ve heard tons of comments from international political types that have said all along that it is because we are there that has exacerbated the problem. Are we to believe that when we leave all of Iraq neighbors will just sit around and do nothing? Aren’t they the ones that have the most to loose if that country falls into the hands of terrorists that want to see the governments of Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others fall? We were all atwitter when Lebanon had its civil war and until the problems with Israel blew the place up again, was well on the road to a “civilized” community.

We spend more in one day on the war in Iraq then we do for cancer research in one year. Were do you want your tax dollars spent, you decide.


Election day in my hometown April 16, 2007

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Tomorrow, April 17, is election time here in Homer Glen. We will be voting for our local governing board. I’m ready, I’m pumped. I’ve read all the literature, scanned all the blogs, talked with people, e-mailed fellow citizens with like minds. I’ve got several people for whom I intend to cast my ballot – some, the jury is still out, but I am sure that by the time I put everything in perspective I will hopefully vote for the best for the future of Homer Glen.


Water, Water Everywhere! April 6, 2007

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Went to a town hall meeting this week, hadn’t done that in a long time, because they were going to discuss a new mixed development near where I am located.   It was a pretty good presentation, discussed open space, density, water retention you know all the good stuff.  One problem, all the surrounding areas flood like crazy when we get a bunch of rain or snow melt.  What do you get when you add concrete and asphalt – more water?  Seems too that some of the folk that commented after the official presentation knew the builder and didn’t think that they would hold to their promise of increasing the water retention ponds.  We’ll see.