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Things Change July 12, 2007

Filed under: Election '08,Georgie B.,Mike Gravel,Obama '08,Ron Paul — Robert @ 12:47 pm

One of my earlier posts wondered why the electoral race for President started so early. I was disconcerted, inattentive, lackadaisical and otherwise wanted no part of the events to come. Yet, I, considering myself somewhat up to date on current events, decided to give it a chance to see what transpired. My early choice seemed to lean toward Barack Obama for not much more a reason that he was not one of the good ol’ boys. He is charismatic, well spoken, dare I say articulate, and seems to have a different slant on politics as usual. I am looking for someone that can take this nation in a different direction. Someone that would not be afraid to speak his/her mind on issues that may or may not be politically correct or political suicide. So as the early campaign continues to blossom I find myself listening more to other points of view, others that, heretofore would not be considered due to my personal dislikes for Georgie B. and his party. Lest we forget I am and will remain a staunch green independent. Little did I know that when I started to truly research and listen to the myriad of hopefuls for the office that I would actually like what I hear from two individuals one republican and one democrat – Ron Paul and Mike Gravel. All the pundits, including my favorite George Snuffiluffigus, I love calling him that (I can’t spell his name anyway) state that neither has a prayer in hell of winning. They, the pundits, keep talking about who has raised or is raising the most money for their campaigns – well guess what I am not voting for money I will vote for the person who espouses similar beliefs and thoughts. So far these two men are my current frontrunners.


2 Responses to “Things Change”

  1. Bret Says:

    Gravel is so valuable, because he’s crazy enough to keep holding those dems feet to the fire in the debates. I predict they will try to shut him out soon.

    But Ron Paul is the one with an actual chance at making some change. It would be something to behold, wouldn’t it?

  2. Robert Says:

    It is a shame that frontrunners (financial or otherwise would try to shut down one of their own. At least they should it down and figure out what Gravel thinks and try to incorporate some of his ideas into a combined platform.

    As far as Ron Paul is concerned I hope that he will be taken seriously by one and all and get moving in the right(correct) direction.

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