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How stupid is this? April 1, 2008

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Big oil makes billions of dollars in profits per quarter, yes per quarter.  The big government gives them $18 Billion dollars in tax breaks.   Big oil says don’t take the tax cuts away we won’t be able to explore more or develop alternative energy strategum.  HUH!!!!!!   Billions of dollars in profits/quarter – not enough money to help the rest of us.  Give me a break.


One Response to “How stupid is this?”

  1. Dan Says:

    price war
    We need to spark a price war cut the demand from the big guy and the companies they sell to. do not but gas fron the exxon and mobile gas co and the ones they supply and that will be a consummer driven demand, so if they are not selling they will lose market share and drop price and others will follow but you need to stay away from the big guys for awile to make this happen. so look up and find other small guys to buy from.

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