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Still thinking about voting for John McCain? May 23, 2008

As we get closer and closer to what one might say will be the biggest election allowing us to change the direction of our great country we must soon decide who best can achieve that lofty goal.  If you think John McCain can do the job you had better watch these two videos.  They show exactly what you will be voting for.

McCain vs. McCain
McCain vs. McCain 2

Want a third Bush/Cheney term? That is exactly what you will get so wake up and make the change.


Food crisis in Africa. May 7, 2008

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I’ve been mulling whether or not to open this can of worms for quite some time.  The world has heard of the problems with food, its production and distribution.  The problems in Africa seem to be larger than life itself.  What happened?  There was a time when South Africa, now Zimbabwe, was the bread basket of that part of the world.  The production there, now lost, could well have helped a sizeable portion of, not only Africa, but most of the countries now experiencing riots over food.  Our own breadbasket is being overworked and stretched to its limits trying to fill that void.  Some countries are now stopping the export of their product for fear that they will not have enough to feed their own people.  We must take a hard look at what we are doing or we too will limit our exports for that same fear.