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Still thinking about voting for John McCain? May 23, 2008

As we get closer and closer to what one might say will be the biggest election allowing us to change the direction of our great country we must soon decide who best can achieve that lofty goal.  If you think John McCain can do the job you had better watch these two videos.  They show exactly what you will be voting for.

McCain vs. McCain
McCain vs. McCain 2

Want a third Bush/Cheney term? That is exactly what you will get so wake up and make the change.


2 Responses to “Still thinking about voting for John McCain?”

  1. It’s time to break the Republicrat cycle of voting we have been stuck in. Neither party has any good ideas. Some people say that third parties don’t have a chance. That leaves a Democrat or a Republican with yet another chance. They’re both killing this country.

  2. Robert Says:

    True very true. Third parties don’t have a chance because they can’t raise the capital necessary to run an effective campaign. This country needs to create an electoral system that would negate the need for large cash outlays to get the word out to voters across all regions. We might want to look at how other countries provide avenues for their politicians to inform the public on what and where they stand on issues important to all. Limit the time taken, I for one am tired of over a year’s worth of politics, for candidates to get the word out. I am sure there are more, better ways to do just that. Thank you for your input.

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