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Now THAT is a mandate. November 5, 2008

With the election of President Elect Barack Obama, a man I am proud to say for whom I voted, I have faith in the belief that we will see a tremendous change in how we are looked at across the world.

I have faith in the belief that we are truely one America an America where anyone can succeed in their chosen career.

I have faith in the belief that our economy will grow and the current financial difficulties will soon fade from our memory.

I have faith in the belief that our children will be able to learn and grow.

I have faith in the belief that health care will be available to one and all.

I have faith in the belief that we will stride harder to harness renewable energies.

The overwhelming victory is a mandate, a mandate for the change we all have sought.


Open letter to all Americans. October 24, 2007

It matters not if you consider yourself Republican, Democrat, Independent, Liberal, Conservative, Right or Left as long as you call yourself a concerned American this is for you. Each and everyone of us must do whatever it takes to insure that the current administration and its penchant for war is stopped short in its tracks. We cannot allow the warmonger leaders of our country the ability to place us and the world further in harms way. The recent comments about creating World War III, wether taken in or out of context, should scare the living daylights out of one and all. If you believe that Iran is a threat by having nuclear weapons a/k/a weapons of mass destruction, harken back to the day when this government used those words to push us into a conflagration that sees no end in sight. Our attention is best placed fighting the terrorists that brought us to 9/11. We must remove all of your troops, not only from Iran, but Korea, Germany and other nations where we currently have a military presence and send them to Afghanistan and finish what we started – wipe out al Queda and the Taliban and anyone else there that harbours them or gives them aid. If our representatives in the House and Senate cower to the demands of this President and his cronies they must pay the price of being voted out of office and/or impeached. This is madness, pure and simple.


Things Change July 12, 2007

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One of my earlier posts wondered why the electoral race for President started so early. I was disconcerted, inattentive, lackadaisical and otherwise wanted no part of the events to come. Yet, I, considering myself somewhat up to date on current events, decided to give it a chance to see what transpired. My early choice seemed to lean toward Barack Obama for not much more a reason that he was not one of the good ol’ boys. He is charismatic, well spoken, dare I say articulate, and seems to have a different slant on politics as usual. I am looking for someone that can take this nation in a different direction. Someone that would not be afraid to speak his/her mind on issues that may or may not be politically correct or political suicide. So as the early campaign continues to blossom I find myself listening more to other points of view, others that, heretofore would not be considered due to my personal dislikes for Georgie B. and his party. Lest we forget I am and will remain a staunch green independent. Little did I know that when I started to truly research and listen to the myriad of hopefuls for the office that I would actually like what I hear from two individuals one republican and one democrat – Ron Paul and Mike Gravel. All the pundits, including my favorite George Snuffiluffigus, I love calling him that (I can’t spell his name anyway) state that neither has a prayer in hell of winning. They, the pundits, keep talking about who has raised or is raising the most money for their campaigns – well guess what I am not voting for money I will vote for the person who espouses similar beliefs and thoughts. So far these two men are my current frontrunners.