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Supreme Court and Big Business. January 21, 2010

You have had to be living in a cave if you are not now aware of the recent Supreme Court decision allowing Big Business to dump millions of dollars into campaign coffers to get those that they want into government. It is not enough that we already are held sway by large corporations with highly paid lobbyist cajoling Senators and Congressmen to vote the way these big business bullies desire.

This is the most egregious assault on us, the voting public, ever known. We all must immediately contact our Congressmen and Senators and have them bring about an effort to get laws written that preclude corporate bigwigs and their giant coffers to put their puppets into office.

This link will take you to a site that will make it easy for you to express your concern.


Stupid commercial or subliminal message? March 27, 2008

There is a popular fast food establishment in Chicago serving what we locals call “Sliders”.  Their advertising campaign had, until now, been relatively mundane.  The latest marketing jewel now appearing on several television stations is either stupid or a corporate message hitting to the heart of the problem with fast food burger joints.  When you read the synopsis below use your vivid imagination to try to “see” it in your mind.

The commercial starts out with a hospital death bed scene.

SCENE ONE:  A very old man lay in a hospital bed in what one can only assume are his last minutes on earth.  Alongside his bed are a doctor and a much younger strumpet looking woman teary eyed and waiting for the end.  At the door to his room Death, cloaked in the typical black shroud with skeletal hand holding a scythe ready to accept the old mans soul.  A cell phone rings. Death answers and chats with whomever is on the other side of the conversation.  I don’t recall the entire dialog but words to the effect that Death must hurry to another location to perform his ugly deed.  Death reluctantly leaves the doorway.  The oldtimer suddenly revives, looks at the strumpet, now upsettingly surprised, smiles and grins.

SCENE TWO: An interior shot of this local fast food place.  Death is now standing behind a portly young man in the process of ordering his meal.  “Make it a bag of ten”, states the young fellow.  Death places his boney hand on the shoulder of the orderer and vocalizes in a rather grim voice, “Nice choice!”

Not sure if you got the image.  Hopefully you can see the ad.  What do you think?