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Ever vigilant! March 28, 2010

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If you don’t know by now that I am a staunch environmentalist I’ve done something wrong Not that I am your typical tree hugger chain myself to the fence type I’m the sort that wants to get information out there for all to see. I do and have walked protest lines when it comes to our blue orb, even been thrown in hotel Graybar on occasion.

Today I watched the PBS series Now hosted by David Brancaccio who interviewed filmmaker Josh Fox about a film he directed and produced on drilling for natural gas in communities across the country. The discussion was about a process called ‘Fracking’ (Hydraulic fracturing). The process uses water and an unbelievable amount of chemicals and trace metals to push the natural gas out of the earth.

I will be honest with the fact that I had, prior to viewing and doing more research, been a proponent of using natural gas to reduce our need on foreign oil. No longer will I advocate for its use. There is only one way to reduce/eliminate our dependence on oil purchased from countries that hate us and that is renewable Solar, Wind and Water. Need or want some visual proof that there is a problem then take a look at this little snippet. I recommend strongly that you view the clips, educate yourself, don’t mess with Mother Earth.


How stupid is this? April 1, 2008

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Big oil makes billions of dollars in profits per quarter, yes per quarter.  The big government gives them $18 Billion dollars in tax breaks.   Big oil says don’t take the tax cuts away we won’t be able to explore more or develop alternative energy strategum.  HUH!!!!!!   Billions of dollars in profits/quarter – not enough money to help the rest of us.  Give me a break.